Many years ago during an expedition into Linux I happened upon a text editor called Vim. I've been using it ever since. It's difficult to get across how powerful a tool Vim is, but it's something like this: High-level conceptual manipulations ("delete this variable", "replace this line") flow out through the muscle memory of your fingertips. So it's not just speed, it also makes editing more straightforward in terms of mental energy, despite how strange that may sound if you're a noob.

Sadly, modern IDEs don't support Vim editing. Or so I thought. Recently I discovered VsVim, which is a Vim emulation layer for Visual Studio. It's the first emulation layer I've found where pretty much all the commands I use are supported. This extension has single-handedly made Visual Studio my favorite IDE.

For the record, the best Vim layer I've found for Eclipse is in SlickEdit Core. Its Vim emulation is a lot better than nothing, but it's not as replete as VsVim's.